How We Do It

Our Process
Every company is unique, and so is every candidate. Therefore every search assignment must be handled differently. However, through years of experience we have honed our basic processes to a level of efficiency that ensures we narrow down on the best talent available in the shortest possible time.

This is how we do it:
At the very outset, we make sure that we understand:
  • Our client’s business, company background, organisational philosophy, culture and ethos
  • The job descriptions and specifications in detail
  • Offer of salary and benefits
  • We use our vast database, internet resources, and, most importantly, an extensive networking amongst professionals built over years of quality placements to create a list of potential candidates
  • Every shortlisted candidate is further screened, and then interviewed. The interview process follows strict assessment parameters to evaluate his / her technical abilities, demonstrated achievement, aptitude, communication skills, attitude, motivation and career goals. Our reputation is too important for us to recommend an aspirant for a job we don't firmly believe is a good fit
  • Vice versa, for job aspirants, after learning more about you, we work together to develop a focused job search plan that is tailored specifically to your needs. We understand that searching for the right position is stressful even under the best circumstances, and we will not pressurise you to go for interviews or accept positions you are not comfortable with.
When a candidate is selected
  • We work closely with both parties to negotiate an agreement. Our substantial experience with regard to compensation and employment matters enables us to help resolve differences and expedite the smooth transition of a would-be employee into the client organization
  • We continue to stay in contact after placement to ensure successful on-boarding