About us
Career Dimensions was founded in 1989. Over the years, we have acted as preferred recruitment partners to multinationals and leading Indian businesses, as well as trusted consultants for Indian professionals looking for new, exciting openings. We use our core capability to identify, analyse and resettle talent, so that its potential is maximised, for the benefit of both parties—the organisation, as well as the individual.

Our Vision and Values

The Career Dimensions team believes that a given task must be approached with total integrity and uncompromising efficiency to achieve the desired result. We consider the ‘process’ to be all important. From this fundamental core we derive our professional values and ethics:
  • Work with vigour and focus on delivery
  • Go the extra mile. Giving that additional bit of time and personal attentiveness to a client’s needs is what makes the difference
  • Maintain honest and clear communication with clients through all phases of the project
  • Change is a good thing, as without change there can be no improvement. We continuously strive to improve, for our clients, and for ourselves. Therefore we welcome critical feedback, and keep ourselves educated and updated of new developments in the business
  • A happy work environment makes for a positive, passionate and effective team. We promote a stress-free office culture and have found it to be very rewarding